Motor Vehicle Claims

It is always best to deal with ICBC through a lawyer. Early on, after you report the claim to ICBC, ICBC appoints an adjuster or claims examiner to try to settle the case with you. But ICBC is not looking out for your legal rights. You need someone to do that for you.
We never act for ICBC.

ICBC records what you say to them, so be careful. You should tell the truth – that goes without saying. You may not know all the types of compensation to which you are entitled. You may say or forget to say something that ICBC will later use against you. This is especially so in a case of a concussion, head or brain injury, where memory and other brain functions are impaired.

motor vehicle claims

Injured persons are entitled to pain & suffering compensation and other types of damages. Past loss of earnings and future loss of earning capacity are two of the most important parts of an injured person’s case. We excel at explaining how an injury hurts a person’s income, how an injury affects someone at work.
We are skilled in obtaining compensation in cases of an accident causing memory loss or an accident causing concussion.

If you are a business owner or a professional who has been injured in a vehicle accident in the Lower Mainland, Burnaby, Kelowna, the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast or elsewhere in the province, we can help you to obtain a fair settlement. If ICBC has breached you, talk to us. We have experience on cases where ICBC has denied a person coverage.

Our main office is in downtown Vancouver. We also have office days in Prince George in Northern British Columbia and in Kelowna in the Okanagan. We can meet you close to where you live to discuss your case.

While we always look to settle your case out-of-court, we know that sometimes going to trial is in your best interest. We make sure you are ready to testify in court. We are skilled trial lawyers. Our opponents know it. So does ICBC. That reputation helps us to settle cases.

Do not try to settle with ICBC or any insurance company without the help of a lawyer for your Motor Vehicle Claims.


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