Insurance Claims

The 2017 British Columbia Wildfires have been the worst in six decades. Few losses are more traumatic than losing everything in a fire.

At Steinmans Trial Lawyers we have years of experience making and defending insurance claims.  We can assist you to notify the insurance company of the event, also called the “loss” or the “occurrence”.

We can then help you to file what is called a “proof of loss”. Filing a proof of loss is mandatory in most cases.  As a homeowner, or other person claiming insurance benefits, you must file a proof of loss before the insurance company will even consider paying out your claim.

Do not try to deal with the insurer yourself. The physical and emotional distress associated with losing your home and possessions is enough of a challenge.   Allow Steinmans Trial Lawyers to assist you.

We have an office in Prince George, B.C.  to help with the preparation of claims. If necessary, we will start an action in court to obtain a payout from the insurer.

Contingent fees, hourly fees or flat fees are available for fire loss claims.

After you notify the insurer of your claim, the Insurance company may determine:

  • that the property owner provided inaccurate or misleading information in the application for insurance.
  • the property owner made changes that are significant in the use of the property without informing the insurance company, which can also result in a denied claim.
  • the property owner may have deliberately set the fire/arson.

When faced with this type of serious claim against you, you should not try to answer the insurance company yourself.

You will need a lawyer’s help to negate these allegations.

There are strict timelines – deadlines called limitation periods for starting your lawsuit. Do not delay. Contact us today.


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