Steinmans Trial Lawyers is a litigation boutique with its main office in Downtown Vancouver. The firm’s practice includes civil litigation, class actions, commercial litigation, insurance defence and employment law, and clients range from individuals to multinational corporations.

Steinmans Trial Lawyers’ mission is simple. We strive for excellence as trial and appellate counsel.


Head Injury Claims

We specialize in fair compensation from those suffering a brain or head injury…

Civil Litigation

Acting for individuals who are pursuing legitimate claims for damages is important at Steinman’s…

Employment Law

We have fought and advised for many employees over wrongful dismissal and negotiating settlements…

Employment Law for Employers

We advise companies on many areas of employment law for employers…

Insurance Defence

We have experience acting for insurance companies and companies who are self insured…

Motor Vehicle Litigation

Do not try to settle with ICBC or any insurance company without the help of a lawyer for your motor vehicle claims…

Wills and Estate Litigation

Wills and estate litigation is a complex and unique area of law and we act for clients that fall into two categories…

Insurance Claims

There are steps you must make to protect your legal rights if your have homeowners’ insurance and are making insurance claims…


  • I am an entrepreneur and former executive of a public telecommunications company. As a businessman, I engage in litigation reluctantly. My fellow investors and I hired Neal’s firm to collect on a considerable debt owed to us. The law firm obtained a quick judgwment and took enforcement proceedings. Ultimately, Neal and his colleague chased the borrower through a bankruptcy to recover our loan, fighting off another creditor with a dubious claim. Their perseverance paid off.
    Paul Mirabelle, Asia Pacific Regional Market Director, Amplifon, Sydney Australia; former Executive Vice President, TELUS Communications


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