In my capacity as a Canadian Litigation Manager for a large self-insured carrier from the United States, Neal and his Firm were our primary defence counsel for the province of British Columbia for a number of years. Neal and his team assisted with expediting hundreds of claims fairly, professionally and equitably regardless of the extent of the complicating nuances that may be involved. He has worked on many claims involving severe neurological and or orthopaedic injuries, fatal accidents, chronic pain, depression, as well as developing defences with respect to cost containment on questionable soft tissue exposures and fraud. Always respectful to the law, to the courts, to his clients and to claimants. Neal is golden.

– Gerald Mastromatteo, Canadian Litigation Manager

That lawyer you hired to do our lawsuit was great. He quickly and efficiently got our company the money we were owed. We should pass his name on to others.

– George Reznik, CFO of Intrinsyc Technologies

Our company hired Neal to defend a wrongful dismissal action brought by a former executive. We needed a vigorous defence to match the aggressiveness of the Plaintiff’s big firm attorney. We were not disappointed. Neal’s approach was methodical and hard-hitting. As the company’s representative I was well prepared to give evidence. We were very pleased with the result.

– Samuel H. Gudewill, President & Chief Executive Officer, Innovex Equities Corporation, former Chairman of the Board of Versacold Corporation

I worked as a television producer and director for many years. I began a new job at a towing company working under a difficult boss. I soon developed anxiety and my pre-existing depression and colitis flared up, so that I could not work. The insurance company paid me some long-term disability benefits, then abruptly cut the benefits off, putting me into financial trouble and worsening my health.

Neal started a lawsuit against the insurance company for disability benefits. He strengthened our case by getting expert evidence from a psychiatrist. The insurer tried to rely on small print in the policy to avoid paying me and even countersued me to clawback what it had paid! The case settled at mediation with the insurer paying me damages and dropping its counterclaim.

I was grateful for Neal’s skill at presenting my position with force and skill. I could not have taken on the insurance company alone.

– Terry C

Our landlord gave some of our building residents a notice to vacate claiming that the apartments were going to get renovated. However, the landlord had not acquired a permit to do any work on the property; their intention was to increase the rent with new tenants. We desperately needed legal assistance to help us maintain our home.
Neal Steinman and Tiffany Chan did excellent work on our case. Because of their help, we are able to keep our home. Not only were they effective with their work, they were also companionate; they understood the emotional stress that this case was causing us. They provided good guidance and excellent legal assistance. We are grateful for their help and we would recommend their services to anyone.

– Rafi and Natalia C

I am an entrepreneur and former executive of a public telecommunications company. As a businessman, I engage in litigation reluctantly. My fellow investors and I hired Neal’s firm to collect on a considerable debt owed to us. The law firm obtained a quick judgement and took enforcement proceedings. Ultimately, Neal and his colleague chased the borrower through a bankruptcy to recover our loan, fighting off another creditor with a dubious claim. Their perseverance paid off.

– Paul Mirabelle, Asia Pacific Regional Market Director, Amplifon, Sydney Australia; former Executive Vice President, TELUS Communications

A group of townhome owners and I were wrongly assessed GST on homes we built and live in. The accountant who did the GST work for us tried to charge us professional fees without taking into account what we had earlier paid tax lawyers to fix problems that in our opinion were caused by the accountant. The group hired Neal to defend us against a series of cases started by the accountant. Neal obtained an order combining the complex proceedings into one, worked with a tax expert to come up with a strategy, found contract law examples to strengthen our position, and ultimately helped the group to settle the case at a substantial discount on the accountant’s fees. Neal’s service has been professional, courteous, and competent throughout. I am pleased to recommend his legal services.

– Prof. Werner Antweiler, Ph.D. Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

Dear Mr. Steinman, Thank you very much for all your efforts on my behalf. I am grateful to have received my share of the monies from the insurance company.

It is satisfying to me that the wishes of the deceased were carried out as she wanted. It was your hard work and follow through that has made this possible. You are certainly very good at your job. Karen and I will surely use your services if we ever have a need in the future. Thank you once again.

– Bachisio Benedetto Fois

I am a special education teacher.

Neal represented me on an ICBC injury claim, as ICBC UNFAIRLY minimized my claim.

I cannot express his thoroughness, his knowledge his tenacity and bluntness dealing with ICBC. He collected all relative evidence and material needed. Because of him and his expertise we settled at mediation. I was of course relieved and extremely satisfied with the result.

– Lizette Pappas