• 2008 Universidad Panamericana, Mexico, Licenciado en Derecho degree
  • 2018 Washington University in St. Louis Missouri, U.S., LL.M. in US Law 
  • 2019 ITESM, Mexico, LL.M. Transnational Legal Practice
  • 2019 Law Society of British Columbia, Practitioner of Foreign Law, Mexico, 2008, Licenciado en Derecho
  • 2019 NCA Candidate


604-692-2525 Ext. 104


  • Corporate Commercial
  • Banking & Finance
  • Compliance & Anticorruption
  • Foreign Investment
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate & Timeshare
  • Privacy & Data Protection

Hermes is a native Spanish speaker, and moved with his family from Mexico to Canada in 2017 to obtain his NCA Certificate of Qualification.   

Due to his vast background and experience, Hermes was granted a permit by the Law Society of BC to give advice on Mexican Law. His areas of expertise are in Corporate Commercial, Banking & Finance, Compliance & Anticorruption, Foreign Investment, Intellectual Property, Real Estate & Timeshare, and Privacy & Data Protection. 

In Mexico, he advised entrepreneurs and public companies, was member of the National Bar Association of Business Lawyers, and was also a speaker in various forums.

Hermes joined Steinmans in 2019 and enjoys learning any topic centered on litigation. He enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.



  • It has been my experience that Neal Steinman conducts his practice, and himself, in accordance with the highest ethical standards and consistently exhibits sound judgment. He has the ability to effectively analyze complex legal issues, resulting in the provision of practical advice to efficiently resolve matters.
    -Senior Counsel in Litigation
  • Neal's all-round excellent legal abilities are coupled with a rare and genuine concern and interest in the well-being of his clients, not only the outcome of their legal issues. His highly competent approach to files frequently employs his unique inventiveness to achieve his clients’ objectives.
    -Counsel in Commercial Litigation
  • Neal has always proven excellent and wise counsel in a range of situations.
    -Counsel in Commercial Litigation
  • Neal treats each client with respect and provides legal services that are designed to meet the client's unique needs. I have referred Neal to my clients and have received very positive feedback. Neal is an excellent lawyer and I recommend his services.
    -Senior Attorney in Commercial Litigation
  • Neal's personal attention to cases and practical advice have served his clients well for over 25 years. He is an excellent litigator and one of the best negotiators in the British Columbia bar, and has represented clients in the insurance industry ranging from large, self-insured corporations to traditional insurance companies.
    -Attorney in Commercial Defense
  • Neal S. Steinman is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, professional and skilled civil litigators, or barristers, I have ever known. After twenty (20) or so years of practice and having started over 100+ civil Trials, mostly Jury matters, one gets to recognize and respect real talent. Neal S. Steinman has a litigation skill set, both inside the court room and in the board room of a mediation, discovery, or pre-trial, second to very few. I would highly recommend retaining Neal S. Steinman
    -Senior Partner in Civil Litigation
  • In my dealings with Neal Steinman, I am consistently impressed with his analytical ability, his judgment, and his integrity. He is tactful and strategic, but never afraid to stand up for what's right. This is a lawyer I would want in my corner.
    -Counsel in Litigation
  • I have known Neal Steinman for over 30 years. He is a creative, entrepreneurial smart and practical lawyer whose communications skills are top-notch.
    -Partner in Civil Litigation
  • I am a tax partner and managing partner of my own tax boutique firm. I do not do any civil litigation work. I have referred a number of client matters to Neal Steinman over the years. He is an excellent lawyer and always obtained good results for my clients.
    -Attorney in Civil Litigation
  • Neal is an exceptional trial lawyer with good instincts for litigating and settling cases. He is one of the best prepared, most articulate, and practical counsel you can find, having honed his skills at the highest levels of practice at every level of court in British Columbia.
    -Attorney in Commercial Litigation
  • Neal brings a strong combination of experience, ethics, and energy to his practice. He is practical, problem-solving lawyer who is also unafraid to step into the courtroom when needed.
    -Counsel in Civil litigation
  • Neal is a very capable and skilled lawyer who thinks well on his feet and in the crunch of the moment in argument before the Bench. He is personable polite respectful of peers and well prepared. He finds practical and direct solutions to varied litigation problems. He is a capable navigator of the Court process and is very experienced, especially in defending commercial, estate litigation and motor vehicle accident claims. He works cooperatively with other team lawyers when it is required.
    -Senior Counsel in Commercial Litigation