Wills & Estate Litigation

Wills and estate litigation is a complex and unique area of law. Our clients in this area fall into two categories: those who feel aggrieved and wish to challenge a loved one’s will, trust or the administration of the estate (plaintiffs), and those who have had legal action taken against them (defendants).

No matter which side you are on, at Steinmans Trial Lawyers, our lawyers will work to protect your interests and to achieve the most favourable result. We begin by quickly identifying and interviewing witnesses and acquaintances of the deceased person, also referred to as the testator. Gathering statements and documentation can uncover valuable evidence that may affect the outcome of the case.

Disputed Wills and Estates in British Columbia

Estate litigation occurs when an individual or group of people seek to challenge the will or estate based on a number of reasons. A child may wish to dispute a transfer of property to a sibling or stepparent. Or, a grandchild may seek to challenge a recent change to an elderly grandparent’s will, based on undue influence or lack of capacity.

At Steinmans Trial Lawyers, we regularly act for clients involved in the following issues:

  • Allegations of undue influence
  • Claims of lack of capacity
  • Attacking transfers of real estate
  • Challenging transfers of property
  • Executors and trustees breaching their fiduciary duty
  • Challenging power of attorney
  • Failure of executor or trustee to administer the estate
  • Claims under the Wills Estates and Succession Act

If you wish to dispute a will or estate, speak to our lawyers. We have significant experience in this challenging area. Conversely, if you require a strong defence during wills and estate litigation in Vancouver, we are well qualified to represent you.